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Angela, a schoolgirl, shunned and betrayed by a lie through her teenage peers, is driven out of her hometown at the age of 17. After 27 years, innocently during a trip through Southern Oregon, the dark secret is discovered, setting her free from the trauma she carried for nearly 30 years.

You will find yourself catapulted back into the time of small-town America, two-lane highways, 70’s muscle cars (specifically, a Pontiac Firebird), heated teenage romances on chilly fall nights, hotter summer nights, and romances gone awry.

Book Reviews

“AJ Ryan’s semi-autobiographical book is powered by a who’s who of the driving 80’s rock universe and the 400 cubic-inch, 345 HP motors that powered the Firebirds. Her story is somewhat of a coming-of-age tale of growing up in small-town Oregon State. A breezy read that will feel very reminiscent of small-town high school life in towns where everyone knows everyone, good or bad, and virginity is taken, good or bad. Sad, funny, sexy. It takes you back to those days and years that later informed you.”

– John Posey, Actor/Screenwriter/ Los Angeles


“Firebirds is a story told straight from the heart. Its prose will transport you not just back to the vital, beating-heart moments of the author’s life, but very likely to your own.”

Matt R. Lohr, arts / entertainment journalist; award-winning screenwriter; co-author of Dan O’Bannon’s Guide to Screenplay Structure

From the Author

I was inspired to write this series based upon my own true life realizing that I was living things so bizarre and painful on one hand but then other adventures many women only dreamt about and we’re probably reading another books. There had to be lessons in there somewhere.

I’m inspired from my father who said in his last few days on this earth, “Life in An Interesting Journey”. Cheers to you dad! And my mother always saying “Hitch your wagon to a star, never be afraid to dream”.

The series Angela’s Riveting Journey Through Luscious Romance and Rejection, is available to purchase online. Firebirds is its first release of the series. Enjoy!