Cover of the book Firebirds by AJ Ryan featuring teenage torn lovers in front of the 78 Pontiac Trans Am Firebird embraced in a luscious kiss

Thank you for sharing with your friends and for putting up a positive review if you enjoy it. The book Firebirds spans some 30-plus years and is based on a true story. All characters have been disguised to protect the identity of the actual people who played a role in creating this incredible dream of mine to become a book author.

This book is available in ebook and print through these online retailers. Many are sold out so Amazon or Bookbaby may be a better bet. I have seen autographed copies on eBay. Enjoy! 

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Available to order online – eBook or print with these retailers: Click Icon Below

Both Alexa and Siri can read the ebook to you! You don’t necessarily have to have “Audible”. Feel free to try other reading software, and enjoy!