This steamy hot summer romance takes the reader down dirt country roads, listening to 80’s music, and ending up in the back seat of a muscle car.

Firebirds is based on a true story of a scandalous secret kept for almost 30 years. The lie shattered several people’s lives. It was innocently revealed just before the 30-year high school reunion. The rollercoaster of emotion, 80’s music, and romance are sure to bring America some nostalgia and memories of happier days. For a link to the music playlist on Napster, click here:  “Firebirds by AJ Ryan – Novel -1980s music, muscle cars, teenage romance with a mystery revealed some 30 years later… Hop in and take a ride down dirt country roads of the past…” ‹ 

Women and young girls will relate to the teenage passion and trying to fit into a clique, while men and young boys will remember their first muscle car love. Join them down dirt country roads of the past, and your youth! Enjoy!

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