A steamy hot summer romance taking the reader down dirt country roads, listening to 80’s music, and ending up in the back seat of a muscle car. Based on a true story. A scandalous secret kept for almost 30 years that shattered several people’s lives. It was innocently revealed just before the 30-year high school reunion. The rollercoaster of emotion and romance is sure to bring America some nostalgia and memories of happier days. Women and young girls will relate to teenage passion and trying to fit into a clique, while men and young boys will remember their first muscle car love. Enjoy!

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Special thanks to Sami Chohfi and Blue Helix – Antisocial Butterfly https://samichohfimusic.com/

The creative voice of AJ Ryan telling the story of Firebirds is accompanied by a music soundtrack. It not only touches the nostalgia of the ’80s music by way of pop, rock, and heavy metal it also touches the country genre.

The theme of classic muscle cars blaring: Kiss, Motley Crue, Poison, and Deaf Leopard through the car stereo brings the novel to life! Kiss drives the heat between the two teens as their favorite band. Her story and career follow the Top Gun soundtrack. She discovers flight and pursues a career. Not only on the ground flying Firebirds but in the air aboard the mighty wings of silver dove planes.

The author skillfully tells the story while referencing some songs. They can be heard playing in the background on the radio, on the television, or something through the speakers of one of the many classic muscle cars that appear throughout this book. As you are listening and reading, I swear you can almost hear the sound of the 8-track tape player switching between songs. As described in Chapter 5 “I Recall My First Car Love”, listening to the Eagles and The Cars.

She uses the music to set the mood and stage. They help tell the story of what was happening at the time. Growing up in the 80s, I listened to Madonna’s Express Yourself and songs like it. It was Madonna’s call to women everywhere, to know what it was they wanted and ask for it. George Michael’s I Want Your Sex, bringing that topic center stage also heated up the charts. The magic of Prince’s, I Want to Be Your Lover, Let’s Go Crazy, and 1999, with others, helped to empower the young women in the story to explore that part of life.

Teenage Romance should be tender yet flaming. Hopefully to draw two true loves to each other, never to be parted. This tragic story shattered that tender romance for one young couple. They later reached an understanding of the lie that drove them apart nearly 30 years earlier. What would they do now? Both married to other people.

The story starts with that tragic high school senior year and continues throughout her life. It spans several decades with other tragedies and returns to the past to unravel the lie. She ultimately triumphs and dreams come true despite all setbacks. A new relationship kindled unexpectedly. All of this unfolded with the backdrop of the best music of the time.

Each decade a section of time showcases different types of music as she went through different types of life experiences and relationships. Michael Bolton, Mariah Carey, and Boys to Men, for example, we remember from the 90s. Along with some wonderful 1990s young country with greats like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Travis Tritt, Sawyer Brown, and Clint Black. And of course veterans like the Judds, George Strait, and Dwight Yoakam who were there throughout the 80s and beyond.

She invites you to download the Napster playlist here https://app-legacy.napster.com/playlists/playlist/mp.268398124 to run in the background while you read through the book. It sets the mood and tone and is amazingly intertwined throughout.

We want to say a very special thank you to Sami Chohfi and Blue Helix for their contribution to the book soundtrack. Their song Anti-social Butterfly can be heard throughout the playlist and in the book trailer.  https://samichohfimusic.com/